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Why purchase your bullmastiff  puppy from a reputable  breeder and not Pet Store or on line store like "PuppySpot' or 'Greenfieldpuppies' ? 

#1   NO breeder that loves their puppies or cares about what kind of life Puppy is going to have would ever 'wholesale' their puppies to a pet store and these new "on line" sites are nothing more than on line pet stores. 


 Because as a reputable breeder YOU  take responsibility for what you create; that way they NEVER end up in rescue/shelter/being put down.  Once a puppy is wholesaled you have no idea where your puppy ends up. 

#2 No reputable breeder that belongs to AKC kennel club or parent breed club is even allowed to wholesale a puppy.


#3 Pet stores (and online pet stores) put down (kill) any puppy that arrives injured.  Yes this is true.  There is no profit in caring for sick or injured "merchandise". 

#4 Pet Stores and on line pet stores bottom line is MONEY.  This is all they care about.  Making a profit.  That is why they offer "financing" marketing pets to people that really can't afford them. Please think about caring for this puppy for the rest of his/her LIFE!!! 

#5 I don't care what these places 'say' or try to portray or give empty promises or clever advertising, these puppies are coming from Puppy Mills BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE would produce puppies for them.  We just established no reputable caring breeder would ever wholesale a puppy. I've been in a few Puppy Mills where profit is the driving force and the horrible miserable lives these poor dogs are forced to endure while pumping out litter after litter after litter only to be PUT DOWN (bullet to the brain) or dumped at a shelter when they are no longer profitable.  I'd hate to be one of these guilty humans standing before God on judgement day.  

#6  More often than not, a puppy purchased from these places arrives sick because they have been over exposed to large number of other puppies from Puppy Mills. It cost to give vaccinations.  Cuts in on their profits.  

#7  Where you are choosing to  spend your money is what you are voting to support.  Please do your research BEFORE you purchase.  If possible, visit where you want to purchase from.  Meet the parents of the puppies and see for yourself how the dogs are being housed and raised.  Do the dogs even know their names?? Are they happy and healthy and in love with life and their humans?  Has the breeder spent the money to have  health tests on Parents?

#8  There is no way to temperament test a puppy looking at a puppy on line. You have no idea if this puppy is going to fit into your family and your family needs.  And you have ZERO support from your breeder if things don't go well.  

#9 Puppy Mills DO NOT do any health testing. Why should they?  It would just cut in on their profit. They do not care if you beloved pet dies young or endures years of pain because he/she was not bred properly.  


Reputable breeders have nothing to hide and are happy to have visitors.  If you can't visit ask for references, you might even set up a time to face time with breeder. I've heard more horror stories then I care to repeat of folks that didn't do their research and made an impulsive decision only to regret it and once you fall in love with puppy there is no going back. 

So in conclusion, I would like to caution people about where Pet Store puppies and ON LINE Pet Store puppies are coming from: Puppy Mills   And again remind you that where you are choosing to spend your $$$$ is what you are choosing to support/create more of.  

"Puppy from puppy mills often have worse psychological problems. A 2011 study from the University of Pennsylvania found that dogs bred in puppy mills showed greater psychological problems as adults than those that weren't. The puppy mill dogs showed greater aggression toward their owners and other dogs as well as a greater chance of escaping, roaming, and running away. This is related to both the small, isolated conditions they are raised in, but also the stress their mothers went through while pregnant. "

An Article The Good the BAD and the Ugly of purchasing puppy from pet store (or on line pet store)

Never buy a puppy from a 'Pet Store'

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