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CH Glitter Stars Nautilus
DOB: 7-19-2016

SIRE: CH Marconin N Ridgetops Head of State is Dvarisku
Dam: Glitter Stars Jade

bullmastiff puppy for sale

This boy belongs to Marcus at Dawstin bullmastiff Northern Indiana. He just came spring of 2018 to get in the show ring.  And he tore it up!  I love his lovely head and nice amount of bone.  and SUCH a sweet boy!! Never was looking for a fight.  He was just a joy to show.  Very confident and willing to please. I am grateful to Marcus and his children for allow Nautilus to come to LonelyCreek! He's back with his family now. 

bullmastiff puppy for sell
bullmastiff puppy for sell

I know I misspelled his name on this photo.  Still I liked the pix so I'm using it.  We were at his first dog show over by Tulsa OK spring 2018.  He is so good. never met a stranger and thought everyone was there just to see him. I love this boys temperament. 

bullmastiff puppy for sell
Bullmastiff puppy for sale
Bullmastiff puppy for sell

This is when he first arrived in early March.  :+}  always willing to please.  

Bullmastiff show dog
bullmastiff puppy for sell

Just a lovely boy with an outstanding temperament. 

These young men were adorable and Nautilus sure did adore them!! These are his very own little humans to love and play with every day. The kids were very happy to see him and Nautilus reciprocated.   the boys were so helpful that day at the dog show in Bloomington IL just south of Chicago. (and their dad also. ahaha I sent him in the ring with a dog!)   Nautilus finished his championship that this day in May 2018. He was a joy to show.  ahahah his only bad habit is peeing on EVERYTHING!   

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