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These are Reviews I've copied from our LonelyCreek Bullmastiff Face Book page.


  If you would like to write a review about your new bullmastiff puppy  just let us know!  

I have known Sonya of LonelyCreek for over 5 years and have 2 of her dogs. She is a wonderful breeder and takes great care of the dogs. Both dogs from LonelyCreek came to us well adjusted and happy. The puppies already knew some commands and learned very quickly. I would recommend her if you are looking for a loving and happy Bullmastiff! ~ Debbie Howard CA 

We’ve had two Bullmastiffs from Lonely Creek in the past 10 years and can’t say enough good about their sweet temperament and handsome looks! Sonya is such a great person who loves her dogs and the people who love them. Highly recommended! (Here is George with his little friend🥰)~ Anita Sikkema CA

We found our Leo at Lonely Creek 4 years ago. He has been the best dog ever. Sonya took time to show us the property and educate us about Bordeaux's. We found the perfect dog for our family. Kathleen Hollenberb MO

The atmosphere of this place has always been amazing. Sonya and I go way back when she had her horse camp, I was always begging my grandma to just leave me all day. Sonya has always been encouraging, loving, and always willing to teach you new things.
Lonely Creek thought us how to ride with style and to feel the horse. The natural horsemanship knowledge she shared will never be forgotten. Not only have we experienced horse camp with lonely creek, when lonely creek slowly made its addition to PUPPIES❤️ we did go out and see the two Pups she had just gotten. She had to have a pet sitter for the weekend. Then shortly after that we moved. Her place was always kept clean and organized. I would highly recommend lonely creek for horsemanship knowledge and for her Beautiful Pups. I keep watch on the shows they do and all her pups have done well. ~ Laura Pettigrew Clark ARK 

We have had 2 puppies from her. They have been the best presents we have ever had. There is nothing like a bullmastiff. And no one better at breeding them then Lonely Creek!!! Thank you !!!!! ~ Denise Grogg  PA 

Sonya is so great to work with. I personally drove down 8 hours to purchase a puppy from Sonya, spent the night and drove back the next day. Her dogs are as good as you are going to find. The temperament of our dog was the best we have ever had. Truly gentle giants. I would recommend Sonya as a breeder and person to anyone looking for a great dog!  Ron Mosbacher IL 

I went and visited LonelyCreek and fell in love with Sonya and her dogs. She takes amazing care of each dog and puppy. Every puppy gets her personal attention. I can't wait to bring my baby home. I would not buy a Bullmastiff from any other breeder. ~ Layne Hutchinson Mcvay  OK 

Sonya has beautiful dogs and she is very knowledgeable about her breed. It is obvious she loves them by the way they are taken care of. She is also one of the kindest people I have met and is always willing to help anyone in anyway she can. ~ Leslie Riddle Mississippi 

I have purchased two dogs from LoneyCreek and we could not be happier! When buying a large dog, it is very important to me to know the breeder and to be able to trust them to supply a good quality dog with a good temperament. My Bullmastiff was a gentle giant and the best dog that I have ever owned! I have never purchased dogs w/o seeing them in person first, but Sonya knew what I was looking for and helped us pick the perfect dog for our family. The puppies were both shipped to us without incidence. I highly recommend Sonya/LoneyCreek if you are interested in a Bullmastiff! ~ Carrie Christina GA 

I recommend Lonely Creek Kennels. Everything is upfront and honest way. The dogs are raised with care and the dogs are delightful. Also the owner/breeder handles everything professionally. It’s a 5 star in my book . ~ Joy Brown Tulsa OK 

For over 10 years as a vet tech, I’ve worked closely with Sonya and have seen first hand the love and compassion she puts into her breeding program. The dogs are wonderfully cared for, after thorough health testing only the most healthy are selected to carry on the best bullmastiff traits. If you are looking for confident, strong, champion bullmastiff bloodlines I would highly recommend lonelycreek! ~ Jessica Griesenauer ARK 

Purchased 10 wk old fawn bully. Awesome breeder & very high standards of her dogs, pups & owners. Love the care pkg & supplies & tips for new pup to make transfer safe & comfortable for everyone. She even has blankie & stuffed toy with puppy’s Mother’s scent! which is great. And is a friend for life to help with any questions... & 2 year health guarantee!!! & she teaches the pups at early age good manners!! Bodie is very intelligent & sweet. Thanks  ~ Alicia Ross TX

We got our Zeke from Sonya & Lonely Creek last year. She has offered so much support and guidance and has always been here for us when we need her. Zeke is a wonderful, friendly dog who has been the perfect addition to our family. We can’t wait to get another Lonely Creek puppy!! ~ Lauren Holloway Lowe  ARK 

Beautiful dogs and quality breeding. Sonya will take the time to match you with the perfect fur baby.  Rhoda Isgrigs  MO 

4-5 years ago I searched google for days to find a Bullmastiff breeder. Thank God I came across Lonely Creek Bullmastiff and Sonya! 4 years later I have purchased a male and a female from them and both dogs are amazing. These dogs have had the best temperament and are such gentle giants I wouldn't know what to do without them. If and when I get another one It will definitely be from Sonya and Lonely Creek Bullmastiff.

Scott Partlow  Austin TX

Lonely Creek has the best most loving wonderful dogs ever, I was given my sweet Abbygale years ago, she is now in heaven, I now have my wonderful Sophia from Lonelycreek and she is just the best pal ever
she is just beautiful.  ~ Cindy Lenox NJ 

We just love Sonya and how much dedication she puts into her dogs. She is always so helpful anytime we have puppy questions. I truly recommend her to anyone looking to add a bull mastiff to their family!! Trista Lowery  ARK 

My hubby and I have gotten 2 pairs of bullmastiff puppies from Lonely Creek and they have been awesome. We now are blessed with our second pair Isaiah and Rachel. We usually pick a male and female from a litter. Sonya is an awesome lady with high quality bullmastiffs. She really loves her dogs and it shows in the way she cares for them. She does an awesome job educating her new owners. We highly recommend her for your next bullmastiff, you won't be disappointed Bobbie and Suzy Harrelson  MO 

We got on a waiting list for one of these beautiful creatures, the wait time was close to a year. Sonya Worley contacted us and said that she had a fawn female that another buyer had a change of heart. We jumped all over the good news. We traveled from Dallas, TX to LonelyCreek Bullmastiffs in Fayetteville, AR to pick up our new pup, we named her "Stella"

Sonya was very helpful with how to care for and she gave us a tour of the kennel. She gave Stella a bath, clipped her nails and then she did something we've never seen a breeder do. She cut a section of a inexpensive yellow colored blanket out, and rubbed it all over herself, to put her smell on the blanket for Stella. Seven years later, we still have that piece of blanket, it's ragged, but Stella still likes to bury he nose into it when she sleeps in her kennel.

Sonya Worley breeds some of the best bloodlines known to the AKC, she has many Champions, she also personally shows & is also the handler in these shows.

You will not be disappointed! Kirtus Dolotina  TX 

We love Lonely Creek Bullmastiff. We will always have a Bullmastiff and as long as they are in business, we won't go anywhere else. Our Daisy is the best dog alive. Carreybeth Lehew OK
I've had 2 Bullies from Lonelycreek and they're excellent dogs. I have one of her show dogs now that is retired. Her name is Daisy Mae, aka: Ch Destiny of Justice. She made champ in January of 2013. During her time with Sonya she had 4 litters of pups and out of each litter came a champion. Daisy is spayed now and very happily retired. Loves her toys and her new relaxed life  Brian Gross OK 
We have been using Sonya and LonelyCreek for the last 12 years and 3 Bullmastiff’s... Besides being an expert on the Breed, Sonya has been our friend even though she lives 10hrs away from us. She is always there to answer your questions and she definitely tells it like it is. If you choose LonelyCreek Bullmastiff’s you will have a breeder for life. Sonya and LonelyCreek are the epitome of doing what you love and loving what you do. Kenny Cangelosi LA 
We’ve had the pleasure of having our charming Howard in our lives for the last 5 years (praying everyday that we get at least another 7 years with him)- We just cannot imagine life without him. I have said it before- Lonely Creek Kennels was the best choice I could have ever made. Sonya is AMAZING! She exudes nothing but love and care into every single puppy, and ensures that same individual care throughout their lives. I can’t wait for the day I finally make it to Arkansas to meet her and her family in person. I’m sure I’ll be going home with another pup 😂 I literally can’t imagine getting a dog any place else. I trust that what I’m getting is nothing but perfection. ♥️🐾  Apple Freeman OR
11 years ago I searched for a good breeder for Bullmastiff's. After losing 2 Bullies at young ages 7 and 1 1/2. I wanted to make sure that the breeder I got a puppy from was a good breeder. I came across Lonely Creek Bullmastiff's and spoke to Sonya who was so informative. Not only did I look into Lonely Creek but my two friends who are veterinarians also checked out Lonely Creek and gave them two thumbs up. Needless to say, my sweet, sweet Allie, from Lonely Creek just turned 11 on September 12, 2019. She is an amazing dog with the temperment of an angel. She is known in my neighborhood as the visiting dog. Her whole purpose to go out for walks is to visit all her dog friends and our neighbors.. She is loved by all. I love her so much, she's my best friend and companion.She is still in good health for an 11 year old and the most amazing dog. I would highly recommend Lonely Creek to anyone. I know I will be back eventually but for now I'm loving my Allie girl. She's my girl, and I thank Sonya every year on her birthday that she sent me "orange" girl all those years ago. From Orange girl to Allie girl.....she is my best girl. Thank you so much Sonya. ~ Kathy Mietus Riviere  NJ 
My Mabel was 5 as of December 2018. She is the best dog. Never a health problem and the best temperament. I highly recommend Lonely Creek!! Dana Doelfel Hall  FL 
In past 4 years we had the pleasure of finding Sonya Worley and LonelyCreek Bullmastiff. 4 Years ago we got our miss Minnie II and 2 month ago we got our second love of our life Winston Dark Knight of Lonely Creek. The time that Sonya took with us and helped us select the puppy that we wanted was amazing. I can only say one thing about the service and personal attention just WOW. The best breeder !  Reza Fatimi  CA 
Our experience with LCK was great! We picked our puppy up:) & they didn’t know when would be arriving exactly. The kennels were so clean, they even have their office desk in there!! We were given a “Happy” bag for our boy & all the info we would need on raising/training him. I’ve had a couple of questions & they have responded in a timely manner.~ Treba Irby Dorman  LA 
Sonya is amazing and raises amazing dogs. We got our puppy Hank from her and she is there for support and questions when ever we need her. Truly a kind soul. I would recommend LonelyCreek Bullmastiff to everyone. Matt Bates Michigan 
Beautiful dogs with amazing personalities and great health. highly recommend. ~ Anne Dunn O'Connell  NY 
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