CH Madness's Prime Time At LonelyCreek


DOB: 11-13-11


SIRE: CH Banstock Bruno Of The North East

DAM: Silver Grand Champion LonelyCreek's Sassy Pinky Tuscadero


This was Pinky's son out of a very famous dog Bruno of the North East.  Bruno had been long past but thru the marvels of modern medicine his sperm had been frozen.  Pinky had 11 puppies in that litter her first! All of them had her lovely head. Deion was the shortest puppy in that litter but I loved him as soon as I held him.  and picked him from day one.  He and his sister, Sassy, stayed with me. Deion is a great ambassador for the breed and often one of the first dogs people meet when they visit the kennel and one they never forget.  He will always have a piece of my heart.  He is 7 this Nov. 2018 and still has good sperm. Although he has not been breed very many times I have been very pleased with his off spring.  As Giggles and Layla are two of his gets and have his short wide body type something I like and I breed for.  

This is so funny. he was running to me. ahahah I love my boy! 

Running around the farm. He is probably 4 years old here

Here we are at dog show in Hot Springs AR He was not even one year old! 

Here  Deion was just turning 2 that fall.  So summer 2013

Summer 2013   He is such a good boy.  he didn't have a collar or a leash on here. (i took the collar off for pix)  He just runs around and helps us on the farm! 

We are Granny Barb house this day 

Keep your teeth clean! 

One year he was Has Hall mascot  WHAT A GOOD BOY!!! 

Christmas 2014.  

This must have been Dec 2011 when he was just a puppy! ahahah  I loved him from the start!