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Let's talk about allergies in  bullmastiff 

Why NOT to spay/neuter before one year of age

Why waiting until after puberty to neuter is good idea  look at bulldog on this page.  note skin issues on inside of back legs.  

Reexamining the early spay-neuter paradigm in dogs

Vaccinations shouldn’t follow illness or surgery

After having personally owned more than 100 bullmastiff and Bordeaux I feel I can speak to this issue on some leave.  I have had bullmastiffs girls from the same litter never have skin issues or allergies or hot spots while others struggles with having healthy skin all being fed the same diet.  As all dogs react to stressed diffierently. 

So let me begin by sharing what I have observed over the years.  First let’s look at vaccinations.  The younger you give vaccinations or if you give too many to young this is a major contributor to assaulting the immune system.  And the immune system is what keeps us all from having allergies.  Some people don’t seem to connect these dots.  Not all but I would say MOST vets over vaccinate.  And it assaults the young puppies immune system and some never recover.  Even giving Rabies to young OR at same time as spay or neuter once again you are assaulting the immune system. 

When someone calls me about their bullmastiff itching or having hot spots or allergies the first thing I ask is "what are you feeding"?  After doing this for almost 2 decades it has been my experience "You Are What You Eat" and while the dog food industry has done a spectacular job of getting the general public to believe 'dog food' NOT "Real Food" is better for your dog.  Which nothing could be further from the truth!!   All these years later people are beginning to wake up, often after losing a beloved pet far to young, to the reality that dog food is indeed NOT good for your dog!  And in fact is often poisoning our beloved dogs. 


Now I understand God created dogs to eat the 'dead and dying" in the animal kingdom.  And that alone is why dogs tolerate such a horrible diet being fed to them all the while we as consumer see the picture on the bag and are mislead to say the least and flat out lies if truth be know. Take for example “Beneficial”  this is stuff is anything BUT beneficial! I’ve heard of dogs dying from eating it!  into believing we are doing wonderful things for our dogs.  There is about as much real nutrition in the paper BAG as there is in the kibble inside.   Really it's very sad.  It's not wonder our dogs are having allergies considering their diet.  

Now I hear this over and over how 'good' brand  XYZ  is but the truth is it's DEAD food.  DEAD DEAD DEAD.  I ask you what kind of cell tissue can the body make eating only dead dried up food full of preservatives (among  other things). 

A few of you my age or older may remember this successful  advertising.  "Tang better than real orange juice.  it's so good it even went to the moon"  and it's true it did get on the space shuttle with our astronauts and go to the moon.  so let's look at 'Tang'   it's articful color, flavors and sugar.  Now i'm not saying cooked orange is good for anyone but REAL squeezed oranges is a delight!