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CH LonelyCreek's Serena


DOB: 10-23-09



DAM:  LonelyCreek's Mira Isabella


This was Joplin MO dog show. Fall 2011 It was cold and we were in a tent!  

Now I see where Bliss gets here big ears from! I guess I had forgotten just how big Sereny ears were! what a good puppy.  I adored this girl. She was marvelous house dog. She went to live with my cousin in OK City when she retired. Living the life on the couch! 

She was very young here just a year old. I think we were in KC arena maybe Gardener show 2010. she came back the next year at this show to pick up a major.

This was the next March and she finished that spring of 2011.  What a happy girl 

Here playing with another young female. She was pure athlete ! We just don't get that much snow in Arkansas so this was a treat! here is video of a huge snow we got when she was an adult. going out on the front porch.  Feb 2011

She was a wonderful mummy. I think she had 3 litters. Not sure if this is the litter Bliss came out of or the Zeus, Stella, Jack and Bruce Almighty litter.  This must have been her first litter with Justice all the reds in there.  

Living the life, holding down the couch! 

Matthew and Serena. Lindie in the above pix.  Now (2018) they have Bliss her daughter. 

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