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GCH  LonelyCreek's Max Swagger
DOB: 06-23-2019
SIRE: CH Nautilus 
DAM: CH LonelyCreek's "Tandy"
Contact info:

CH LonelyCreek's Max Swagger

This is Max!  He makes me smile!  What a good boy.  I had no idea when he flew home to Bill in FL  that Bill was going to enjoy showing him in the AKC ring.   The best things about Max is his easy going personality and his love for people.   Bill says he's the smartest dog he has ever owned.  Max loves to please. 

Video when they were at my house July 2021

Dog show OK City July 2021


Not 2 years old yet here in FL  taking a Group 3 !! 


Max is very young here in this pix with his favorite human, Bill's grandson.    I love this pix!!  Friends forever!! 

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In the group ring with his handler, Howie Huber III

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Dog show can be ALL Day ordeals.   It's good to enjoy them.  I love that Bill's grandson travels with them.   Making memories!

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