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You have  just acquired another family member! 
Here are a few thing that will help increase you overall enjoyment of your new puppy. 
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I could number all of these #1 !!  Because they are ALL important. 

This page UNDER Construction 7-25-2020

#1 DO NOT allow your puppy to touch the ground on the way home!!! 


I could tell you horror  stories of people not following this one simple good piece of advice and puppies ending up in emergency care costing them thousands when puppy picked something up off grass/ground.  All my puppies are paper trained they will poop/pee on newspaper.  It's not worth the risk allowing them to touch the ground where you have NO idea who else has pooped/peed there before.  Take your puppy home where he/she is safe in YOUR backyard where you know your dogs have been vaccinated.  

#2  DO NOT put you puppy on the floor/ground at the vet's office. EVEN/especially OUTSIDE!!! Do NOT allow other people/dogs to touch your puppy.  The vet's office is a good place to pick up disease and/or kennel cough! 

#3   Take your shot record to first vet visit Your vet will more than likely recommend internal Flea Medication (some even calling it 'wormer").  PLEASE SAY NO!  please do not kill your puppy or allow your vet to do so.  Giving ANY type of internal flea medication voids your health warranty.  I will not replace your puppy if you allow your vet to kill/damage him/her. 

#4  Please Read and reRead recommended shots: Your puppy has had a NeoPar (Parvo) shot at 4 wks of age. Then either a  5 way at 6 wks of age and probably a Bordetella (kennel cough)  at 7 wks of age. PLEASE DO NOT allow your vet to give more than a 5 way (Parvo/Distemper/Influenza) at next 2 vet visits.  that is NO Lepto! NO Corona! and PLeASE people DO NOT GIVE RABIES UNTIL  6 Months old!!!!!  Your vet is NOT YOUR BOSS!!!  You are!! You are paying the bill.  This is YOUR DOG and if you over vaccinate, you can cause allergies and skin issues for the rest of your pet's life!!  

#5  More about shots:  Please space out your shots 3.5 to 4 wks apart.  and PLEASE DO NOT take your puppy to PetSmart or dog parks (ever!) until they are almost 5-6 months old.  No need to over expose them to who knows what other dogs have.  

#6  Socializing.  having read the above you may want to keep puppy under lock and key at home. haha I know I can be over the top.  Now I DO socialize my puppies about 4 months old (other than family and friends up and down my dirt road) I take them to the airport to Tractor Supply, to Home Depot, to Lowes, to every feed store and Thrift store in 2 counties!  Even to our little local park after school when i know there will be lots of kids there.  You can do this right without over exposing them.  

#7  Things your new puppy will need:  Link to again page I wrote on web site.  From size of collar to what to feed, beds, treat, chew toys etc.  :+}  

#8  Leash training.  Your puppy probably has never had a real collar or leash on. In your Puppy Pack I have made you a nice quality leather leash out of Latigo Leather I've stripped myself.   You will need a 36 inch WIRE crate to begin with or a 42 inch WIRE crate with divider.  I totally believe in Crate training puppy. Now your puppy my need out every 20 min in the beginning(except over night).  But they soon get the hang of it.  I never put puppy in crate to punish.  Crate is a wonderful place to be.  I hang toys from top and change out regularly. I feed in crate and keep a small bowl of Healthy treats on top of crate and give treat EVERY time puppy goes in.  :+}  Crate is place for special things to chew also.  Crate time is a time to rest/sleep and should be happy place.  Now having said that puppy needs lots of breaks from crate (with leash on tied to you in the house)  to go outside for a few minutes.  Puppy can be out of crate ONLY if on leash and leash is tied to YOU.  That way you will know if puppy needs to poop/pee  EVEN if they JUST came in and JUST peed 50 times!!!  Well if puppy is peeing that much you need to ck for UTI.  Just saying the better you are at knowing when puppy needs to go out and the less accidents puppy has in crate the fast puppy will train.   Please do not put your puppy in a crate and go off to work for 4-8 hrs.  you are only teaching this baby to poop/pee on themselves.  This is very unfair.   Your puppy would rather be in a safe shady place outside then locked in a crate all day.  how horrible is that?!?  ask yourself if you would like to spend your day in a shower stall or bath tub. for 8 hrs.  I think not.  Here are a few links to crate training  AKC 

Paws. org 

another good one

#9  Foods that are poison to puppy.  ck this link out. you might be surprised what on this list.  

#10 Your Puppy is eating Life's Abundance Large Breed Puppy 




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