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How good is your 'stay'?
Monet on a stay 
I've just started working on this page.  We endeavor to cause our training to be fun as well as useful.  No shocking collar or anything like that.  I'll discuss more as I add to this page.  I'm not a "reward only" trainer but nothing wrong with being pleasant, loving and positive.  :+} I often tell my students typically speaking there are three things that motivate: the "carrot" the "stick" and love.  May we move to the greatest of these, Love
Training a four month old puppy sit, stay, down(LonelyCreek's Goody Goody Gumdrops)  with RAW meat as treat.  The first most important thing you need to achieve is to allow your puppy to calm herself and wait for your command. This takes practice and self control (and time).  Think about a child in a candy store!  But once your puppy learns to do this they have learned to Learn! and half your task is done. SO remember it's ALL about timing and reward. that is if you reward while they are being wild and out of control or doing anything you do NOT wish them to do you are just inadvertently taught them to do exactly what you Don't want them doing!! It takes practice and both parts and we all don't get it right every time. At the end of this video you will see I release the bait before she gets full  into a "Down" position. I had anticipated she was almost there.  SO just more correct practicing!  Here is that video done 10-16-19  My good girl Goody! 
Here in this video we are correctly fitting pinch or prong collar on our bullmastiff puppy about 4-5 months old.  It is essential that you fit this correctly or it will not work.  Also that you use it correctly or again it will not work at all.  Video link
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