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Keeping your bullmastiff's nails short is very important!

Why it is important to keep toe nails short?  

If dog's nails are too long it  causes the bones/joints to break down. This is VERY painful.

Think: Pain every step the dogs takes. 

 The correct length for dog nails is when they are not touching the ground while they are standing.

 If you can hear them clicking on the ground or see them touching the ground when your dog is standing then the nails are too long and it’s time to cut them.

From using the dermel to using the nail clippers.  Half the battle is getting puppy dog to submit and not be afraid. If you are having trouble call or text perhaps we can help. These are just impromptu videos done on the farm but you may find them helpful. 

Videos on trimming bullmastiff's toe nails. 

video of me doing young bullmastiff male about 4 months old with nail clippers. half the battle was getting him to submit and settle down

Video young girl Monet in my lap getting nails done. What a good girl! 

Half the battle is to settle down!!  Layla as puppies getting  her nails done

Video young bullmastiff female first time every being dremeled. this video 8 min long BUT has some good info and tips on dog training. "Posh" getting nails dremeled.

Video another first time young bullmastiff female and more good training tips.

Video of Bliss being dremeled. she just falls over and takes it. This is due to training :+}

Video of dremeling adult bullmastiff male that was not used to being done. How to safely dremel for all involved. He was at my house for training

Helpful Diagram on cutting the nails back safely!  Watch the videos above.  it will build your confidence as you watch me calm the puppy/dog and get the job done.  I get a LOT of practice! You can do this!!  
Here is another web site discussing this and giving you 'how too' personally I hate the "dog" toe nail clippers and never use them. I use human toe nail clippers until puppies is about 3-4 months old then I  dremel.  
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