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CH Canada's Street Justice


DOB: 1-06-03





We got this boy out of Canada.  He had a double coat not common with the bullmastiff.  You can even see this in the picture above.  He was only 16 months old we he arrived June 2004. It was so hot here in Arkansas  he could only fly as far as Chicago IL.  SO with the help of a dear friend we drove the almost 12 hours north to pick him up. ahahah everyone was enamored by his large head and couldn't quit commenting on it.  He was so funny he rode in the back seat of Tim's pick up truck the entire way home happy as a lark.  :+}  He acted like he was born on our place. He fit right in with Mandy Sue and Peaches our first two females.  Justice hated storms but other than that he was very well emotionally balanced. Truth is back then I didn't realize what a treasure I had in this boy.  Justice lived a good long life here with us. He was 10 years old when he passed. And I think he would have lived longer but years before at a dog show in St Louis I had went to Pet Store and purchased him a real bone wrapped in plastic Huge no no.  Justice was so strong he did not chew on the bone he ATE it! in a few bites!!  Bones like this do not digest and it cut his lower intestine and caused a restriction we had to deal with the rest of his life.  We had to be careful about bones not passing and him getting impacted.  After a couple of trips to the vet we figured it out and keep him on ground golden flax seed in his food which solved the problem.  He was such a good boy.  Very much a bullmastiff and very much a guard dog. 

This is his Canadian Pedigree so AKC champions don't show. 

We did an International Dog Show up at Purina Farm near St Louis MO. It was fun but it was the only one we ever did.  

In St Louis MO 2005 up at Purina Farms.  What a good boy! 

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