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LonelyCreek's Mira Isabella 


DOB: 6-06-06

SIRE: CH LakeView's OutCast

DAM: CH LonelyCreek's "Dessy" 


Mira in Kimberly's garden.

We were up in KC for dog show in March Of that year. 2007 probably

Mira in the back yard.  ahahah we had just cut up a downed cow and Mira was not about to share her bone with anyone! 

I think we were in Hot Springs ARK here.  She was a lovely girl.  She didn't really enjoy showing and I put her up to soon. She only lacked one major to her Championship. I've alway been disappointed I didn't finish her Championship.  She passed from complications at  her spay. I was far more saddened by her untimely death then not finishing her. See where I pulled report below.  You can find any one of the web site.  

Lonelycreeks Mira Isabelle - WS18002602

 Conformation - Awards Processed Through Friday June 22, 2018 



Number of Points12

Number Major Wins1

Number Major Judges1

Total Number Judges8

Just out in the field. she was very athletic dog. She could run five miles a day!  These are some of her puppies below.  

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