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Puppies Gone Home  Page 1

We love hearing from the puppies that have went home. Years later we still love receiving up dates and photos. ahahah some of you guys are famous and should have your own page!  I'll work on that. For now send pix! If see your puppy on here and have new pix send them!  so that I can get this page going.


And remember: an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you are having any trouble with your puppy or house training or socializing please email, text or call.  I will be happy to be of assistance if I can.  I probably have a video for that I can also direct you too. :+}

This is LonelyCreek's 2nd Amendment "Rugger"setting on his mummy, LonelyCreek's Born To Be Fabulous, "Abby" head. He a bit rotten!   pic taken 2018
this was a puppy pick up headed back to Florida.  Funny stuff he got his OWN seat on the airplane.  :+}  summer 2018 this was Bosch X Maggie puppy 
Bullmastiff puppy for sell
Lovely 5 month old puppy named Harley Lives in GA.  Georgia Peach!  CH Deion X Bunny 2019 puppy 
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