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CH LonelyCreek's Destiny Of Justice


DOB: 11-15-10


SIRE: CH Canayda's Street Justice 

DAM: LonelyCreek's Mira Isabella 


Audrey did this with Daisy when she lived with them in Tulsa. :+}

In Texarkana ARK,  Not sure if she finished this day or just took a major under Donna Buxton. A judge a respect a lot! 

In the yard with Rachel Williams,  Raegan's mummy 

At a park in Fayetteville meeting kids. 

So this again is PRIME example of how children get bit in the face. Daisy was very used to my grandson in the house with her (breaking good dog ownership rules).  Still teach your children not to lean into a dog's space/face. As most dogs read this body language as a threat NOT affection.  

Now this is not behavior i recommendation a child do with a bullmastiff.  This is MY grandson and my daughter and Daisy was very used to him BUT I corrected him as soon as I took this pix and got him off her. 

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