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Please Read this FIRST it will answer many of your questions.
My Amazon Puppy Store 

 We are NOT affiliated with Suzanne Mars nor do we have ANY OTHER location outside  Huntsville Arkansas  Beware of scammers Fake fb pages have stolen my pictures n video and FAKE Instagram account offering "bullmastiff puppies for sale"  Shame on FB for NOT taking these scammers down! 

Your LonelyCreek puppy will arrive micro-chipped for his/her future safety. ( A 1995 survey by the American Animal Hospital Association showed that 30 % of the nation's pet owners had lost and never found their pets.)


To own a LonelyCreek puppy we require you have a secure fenced yard with shade, agree to socialize your puppy (classes are helpful in this process) socialization is a must for a working guard dog!  keep them on NuVet Plus, NOT feed them any dog food with corn in it, have a good veterinarian that doesn't Over Vaccinate !   Mostly importantly treat this puppy like one of your family.    We recommend you feed Real RAW FOOD that is  real food you prepare for puppy.  The only dry dog food we can recommend is the Life's Abundance  and still Real Raw food is better for them. If you want to get long healthy life from your puppy feed them real food!  Spend your money on food not vet bills.  

Puppy must be 8 wks old to leave. You are welcome to pick up your puppy here at LonelyCreek in NW Arkansas. Our airport is XNA if you wish to fly in and pick up your puppy.  United Airlines is no longer flying any snub nose breed dog or cat SO the only other way we have to get them home is a  private puppy nanny.  I have several,  or you can  personally fly into our airport XNA and  carry puppy on with you.  Of course we love pick ups. when folks come here and meet everyone and pick up their puppy.  


Your puppy comes with a "puppy pack"  that contains a blanket that smells like mommy to help through those first few nights in a new home, a stuffed toy he/she is used to playing with, greenies, cow's ear, bullie stick and other assorted things  to chew on, leather leash to help with house training, bell to hang on door,   Pedigree of both Parents, lots of helpful information sheets, AKC Registration paperwork and Shot Records with deworming dates, Micro-chip Number with paper work to register puppy to you. . And a life time of support from us.

Puppies are DEwormed every week to 10 days and have all shots age appropriate. We give Parvo at 4 weeks and InterVet (Canine distemper-Parvovirus) at 6 weeks. We place puppies in order of deposits received and price (show prospect or pet puppy). Puppies wear colored collars at 4 - 5 wks old. By the time you make your pick from pictures and videos (AT 7 Wks Old) or in person your puppy has his/her micro-chip so you are assured of getting the puppy you pick. Picks are made by 7 wks so everyone  has chance to choose and I know what puppy is going where at 8 wks. 

Deposit is $600.00 and holds your place in line.   Pet puppies are $3,200.00. Pet puppy just means you agree to spay or neuter your dog.  Proof of spay/neuter needs to be sent to me. We do not recommend you spay/neuter until dog is almost ONE year old.


I do NOT take Credit Cards or Pay Pal, just another form of credit card, BECAUSE I want you to think about being committed to this puppy/dog for the rest of his/her life. Please do not make an emotional decision then later decide to 'throw' your dog away. If you are ever unable or unwilling to care for your LonelyCreek dog he/she is always welcome back here. ALL puppies are cute, but they all grow into adults dogs soon enough. We do take Zelle or bank ck or wire or personal ck on deposit. 


Show puppies start at 5,000.00 Special note on ANY  and ALL Full AKC show puppies my name remains on AKC paper  work. I've had one to many people try and sell their puppy/dog so to avoid this problem in the future my name will remain on all AKC paper work as you can not sell dog without my signature.  I am not raising puppies for one of them to end up in an unsatisfactory environment or have no power to rescue them.  

Giving any kind of Oral Flea Medication  to dog VOIDS your health warranty! This stuff is POISON! It could kill your dogs  !  

"Every Dog Deserves a Human. But not every Human deserves a Dog.

Be the Human your dog deserves!"

Puppy Application

YouTubeChannel for Current litters:
PUPPY Video 


We have puppies at this time  See YouTube Channel link above.   The price is $3,200.00 this is spay/neuter agreement. and does not include shipping.   

Video of me doing a puppy delivery
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