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                             House Training 101
Things I have learned after training 100's perhaps 1000's of puppies
*  Puppy will pee where they smell pee (that's why they come back in house and squad  and pee).  What the NOSES KNOWS!
* It takes 5 seconds for puppy to pee DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THEM Puppy should not be loose in house!! biggest mistake you can make. Puppy should be in crate while in house or leashed to you with long leash. 
* Puppies are RARELY trained until  they well over a year old and should NOT be left running around your house.
*  Puppies/dogs can smell one to one millionth part pee How good can your dog smell?
* You probably just Thought you did a good job cleaning up pee. Puppy can still smell it. (see link above)   and house hold cleaners make it worse not better.  Find specific product for this.  
*  Puppies and especially adult dog rarely empty their bladder at one time That's because they are often "marking" that is making a statement when they 'pee' Every wonder why it seems they have to find the 'prefect' place to pee? That's why
*  Puppies are BABIES they can NOT 'hold it" sometime for more than 1 hr.  please do not go to work and lock your puppy in a crate for 8-10 hrs. you will only teach them to poop and pee on themselves and give up caring they are dirty. 
* Now most 8 wk old puppies can go thru the night. but first thing in morning you had better jump out of bed! 
*Your puppy would rather be outside in safe place with covered shelter and warm dog house than locked in a crate all day long.  In summer they must have deep cool  shade and plenty of clean water.
* If you puppy is out of his/her crate they MUST be leashed to you! That is why I make you a leather leash!  please do not allow puppy to chew it up. 
* Without a crate you can give up  on potty training your puppy, A Crate (42 inch WIRE with divider) can be your friend!  I never punish or put puppy in crate for 'time out' which I think is kind of senseless  any way.  Dogs learn from an immediate response.  Dogs are not human.  and we NEVER punish puppy for peeing in the house!!!!!  it is YOUR job to prevent this.  
* If you use 'pee pads'  congratulations  you have just taught your dog to pee in the house!! 

I  could set and write all day on this subject!!  For now see this Ed's Ebook at  Best $ 12.00  you will ever spent.  And he has lots of  free articles also.
This book would be funny if it were not for the innocent puppies involved.
LINK To House Training book 
Another article speaking to this subject 



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