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                                                     ...where we specialize in Bullmastiff. If you are looking for a fearless, confident, yet docile breed for your family-- you are searching for a Bullmastiff. The Bullmastiff breed combines reliability, intelligence and willingness to please -- all qualities required in a dependable family companion and protector.

LonelyCreek has chosen to be a small kennel in order to give our dogs the individual attention, affection and exercise each dog deserves. When you purchase from a small kennel, you are assured of getting the puppy you paid for. Our puppies are handled at every feeding and have only known love and comfort from human hands. This is important as to ready them for their purpose in life: your family's companion and protector. A loyal Bullmastiff would find it the highest honor fighting to the death defending your family and property.

The Bullmastiff is a noble breed. Often called an aristocratic breed, originally bred to protect Lords and Ladies and their enormous grounds. Although friendly to strangers, the Bullmastiff breed has an uncanny ability to differentiate between friend and foe. Although not one to pick a fight they absolutely will not back down from a fight.

It is important to understand that the Bullmastiff is a working guard dog. Early and regular socialization is a must. If you are unwilling or unable to do this a Bullmastiff is not for you. This dog is most content while fulfilling their main purpose in life -- guarding and protecting YOU and YOUR loved ones. In order to help your dog fulfill this goal in life it is important to keep the dog with you, as a companion -- a fellow family member -- not as an animal constantly locked up in a kennel. Despite the size of a Bullmastiff, they are indeed "house dogs" and they behave very well in the house and around their human family members. When outdoors, the Bullmastiff is active, but once inside, this breed is laid back, quite happy to snooze carefree on a rug or at your feet.

This kennel originated with sound stock and we strive to continue that tradition throughout all of our breeding. We are committed to only breeding with the intention of preserving the integrity of the Bullmastiff, while offering an animal with a sound temperament. We have successfully offered healthy and well-socialized quality puppies to our clients. We have fulfilled this task by the quality care we invest in our puppies. We are so dedicated to this commitment, that many of the dogs live in the house while others, although owned by us, live with a foster family. We have found the companionship of this breed to be tremendously rewarding... and we know you will, too.

History of the Breed    

Is a Bullmastiff right for you and your family ? 


Three Lessons Every Bullmastiff Should Know  

So your bullmastiff has papers

Bullmastiff Puppy 

 We are NOT affiliated with Suzanne Mars nor do we have ANY OTHER location outside  Huntsville Arkansas  Beware of scammers Fake fb pages have stolen my pictures n video and FAKE Instagram account offering "bullmastiff puppies for sale"  Shame on FB for NOT taking these scammers down! 
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We love being on the farm with the dogs ! 

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We love showing our dogs 

We love taking them to town! 
We love taking our dogs to training ! 
We love taking our dogs to Lowes and Home Depot!! 
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We love puppies!!  
We love taking our dogs to the vet!!  This is Best Friends in Fayetteville AR 
We love when Granny comes to visit ! 
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