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We always try to have a good time showing our bullmastiff. We want the dogs to have fun and enjoy the travel and the showing. After all it is all about them. :+} These are either dogs I've shown or LonelyCreek dogs we have produced.  It takes 15 points to obtain one's championship.  Showing is a lot of work and a lot of fun. We spend an average of $500.00 PER weekend to go show and sometimes we are out there 20+ weekends a year.  A dog EARNING their CH is a big deal. Something to be very proud of! So congrats to all the dogs listed below and to all our friend's dogs we have had the pleasure of watching earn their championship also!!

These are all AKC Champions not UKC champions or some other 'club'.

To  see all the Champion Bullmastiff below you will need to click on the "Show More' button at bottom. One page wouldn't hold them all! 
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