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So You want to show your Bullmastiff 

So you want to show your bullmastiff. :+} We love that!!  And we will support you and help all we can.   We always try to have a good time showing our bullmastiff. We want the dogs to have fun and enjoy the travel and the showing. After all it is all about them. :+} When that changes and it becomes about you or your pride or your need to win, please rethink things for the sake of your beloved dog.   May we always do what is best of our friend the dog. 
 I have spent well over $100,000.00 showing dogs. But don't allow that to frighten or discourage you!  I have met some wonderful life long friends showing dogs.  And I've had my share of opposition from a few other breeders that were determined to stop me.  But I am still here.  :+} If you get your feelings hurt easily, you will need to address this before you get ring side. Just don't go into this thinking everyone is your friend or happy you bothered to show up.  Remember you are paying for one judge's opinion THAT day.  I've heard of a dog that won a Best In Show one day and not even win his class the next day.  My 'rule' is if you are happy with the dog you go home with: be Happy!   Here are some of our Champions  Being a "Champion" doesn't make them perfect; there are no prefect dogs.  I've learned that well enough.  We could all pick each dog apart but there are things a breeder likes and strives to breed for while not leaving temperament and health behind. 
Instead of typing pages and pages let me put in a few video links to some  very 'spur of the moment' videos I did for someone that texted me a request. these are NOT professional video. ahahah they are me and the dogs at our old farm.  (we moved fall of 2018) But these video ARE full of helpful info that might improve your skill in the ring.  We support our local kennel club and I often go to training on Thursday nights with the dogs.  
Talking about Show leads for the Bullmastiff 
Correct way to put show lead on 
This is Destiny a well trained older female 
more from that day.  This is Daisy Before she was Championed. 
Bathing for the show ring.  it's April so must be a cool day! 
AKC web site: How does a dog show work
CH Holly part 1
ChHolly Berry Part 3
Ch Holly Berry from summer 2018 part 4
Ch Holly Part 6
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