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DOB: 3-4-17


SIRE: LonelyCreek's Jack Swagger

DAM: "Contessa" 


Taffy finished her championship this day.  I adore this girl she is truely a guard dog and a constant companion to me always by my side.  She is fun and very athletic. She love to run with the four wheeler.  One of my favorite house dogs. She is alway there when I need her.   

We were in a dinosaur park in Glen Rose TX.  It was so warm and sunny that day!  What a great time we had. We hiked several miles.  Jan 2018

And we had to do the dog show. ahahaha  that was in the mornings then we had all day to play! 

Glad Taffy doesn't eat tomatoes ahahah that is the bucket in the pix. late Summer 2018

We are at Mamaw Jewel's house.  ahahah my sweet 98 year old friend. 

Xray done Aug 2018  Dr Ron Eby Green Forest AR  

At Dallas dog show in Dec 2018. Taffy looking good not 2 years old yet! Picking up another major.... she has 8 points now.

Taffy out for a walk with me Feb 2019. It was so warm this day!  Looking forward to spring.  Taffy is such a good girl she will come when I  called so can be off leash.  
Here are some video from this day
Taffy and Bunny out for walk
Taffy and Bunny in pasture