Cinnamon and her sister Serenity delivered 2 days apart! 

 Birger X Cinnamon  DOB: 5-02-22  10 puppies!
 3 Brindle Males1 Brindle Female2 FAWN Females4 FAWN Males
Legacy X Serenity DOB: 5-4-22 10 Puppies!
ALL Fawns/Red Fawns
CinnamonNewLIter 5-2.jpg

Few hours old here 
So Cinnamon will be the Purple and Pink Team!
And Serenity will be the Red White and Blue team.  to keep them straight once they are 6 wk old and playing with one another.  There are video on the YouTUbe channel. I will add to this page weekly but do video almost daily  YOUTUBE