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Cancer in the Bullmastiff

According to Wikipedia

1 in every 3 dogs will develop Cancer

Throughout my years of breeding dogs and just living I've witnessed  folks that believe there is some kind of 'cancer' gene in  DNA  which simply is not true.  Now I'm not saying after feeding DEAD DOG FOOD out of a plastic bag  generation after generation doesn't have an effect on longevity and over all health on the next generation. it does!  but here is  no 'cancer' gene or 'cancer' lines of dogs.  I am convinced cancer is what you ingest (eat and drink, breath) and your environment


So lets talk about Environment:  things that are poison: 

 fleas collars

 flea medication Any KIND some  more than others even 'flea' shampoo

Internal Flea Medication is HORRIBLE!! Causes seizures among other things including death!  

 treating yard for fleas/ticks where dog Sniffs ground, Lays on ground, walks bare foot of ground

drinking out of plastic water hose 

Glad plugs-in (or ANY kind of smelly stuff in your house)

Carpet cleaner

Air fresheners 

Pine Sol!!!  horrible!! 

Carpet (your dog is breathing all these fiber plus the stuff the flame retardant chemicals  the carpet was treated with ) 

even over doing essential oils.  your dog can smell at least 10,000 times better than YOU!


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