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Trip to St Louis with Exercise Equipment in tow!

So last Friday we, Tonya and I, left to see the kids and grandkids up near St Louis. My oldest Rachel wanted her Elliptical moved up there (it was living in at my house since last June and the big move from college in Conway) problem is the thing is a monster!! It was so big Tim got on the tractor to move it from house to road to load into trailer. it would not fit in my van or Tim's truck. So my wonderful sister volunteered to take her enclosed dog show trailer. Well this thing gave us all a good whooooping trying to load it! it would not fit! so Tim finally took off a few parts as we were desperately trying not to tear it up! over an hour later we finally took off for Rachel's house up near Eureka MO just west of St Louis. Becky had called about trying to find Addy (only grand daughter five years old) a frame for twin size bed. ahaahha We know all the places to find stuff like that at better price then running out buys stuff new. so that was in there also, mattress, rails and this huge heavy piece of ply wood for mattress to rest on as Addy did not want her bed as tall as a box springs would have made it as she does't like the idea of falling out of bed (real fear). it took as a bit (quite a bit) longer to get there with the trailer in tow (we stopped at O'Reily's and purchased a drop hitch after about hour and half of trying to pull it). but we arrived before 9:00 p.m. and took Candi a dog Tonya has with her for a 45 min walk thru Rachel's lovely neighborhood. it was SO mild! the weather was amazing. there was still a small bit of unmelted snow in some places up there. they are further north then us. Still it was only 45 degrees and well lite neighborhood. We got a good night sleep and helped Rachel get some stuff done around her house the next morning. We were able to reassemble the Elliptical (monster) and carry/drag it (took all three of us) around the split level house to go thru her back French doors and on into an area that was prefect for it! back there with my grand bunny Bolt. :+} she was so happy. We also move a lovely practically new couch out of the formal dinning room. as when all three girls moved in together they had too much furnisher. it has been stuffed in there since Oct so they were finally ready to let it go. Dinning room looked so big without a couch in there! ahahah Rachel didn't think it would fit in the trailer but it fit fine. it would not have how ever fit in my van.

When we got to Becky Sat about 1:00 but didn't set up bed up until Sun a.m. it was low to the ground and looked small and was only covered with a blue sheet.. when Addy saw it she threw herself on the ground and wailed that would be: bawled, yelled, screamed and cried it was "too small". ahahaha she went at this for 15 minutes until she wore herself out. We all left as not to give her an audience and I ask my daughter if we should move to a full size bed. which she assured me NO the twin was plenty big enough for a 5 year old child. Addy finally decided to be happy and after a trip outside to play in the sun we got on line and ordered some covers for the new bed. All the while both my daughters were saying if they had acted like that as a child they would have slept on the floor the next year. ahahah it's true. this mummy didn't play those kind of games or tolerate this kind of behavior. But this is a difference situation so i stepped away and didn't allow it to bother me. Addy was pleasant the rest of my trip. it was very good to get to visit with my children and grand children. Had a great visit with Tonya on the way up and back. We didn't get Candi adopted out (which was the plan) but did make some good contacts.

Yesterday was so warm it was 69 and SuNNNY!!! with no wind. we played out side most of the day! it was incredible! what a lovely gift from God to get outside in short sleeves and play with the kids. we left about 3:00 but didn't get home until after 9:00 pulling the trailer. Still it was a great trip so grateful I got to go. SO grateful for my sister taking her rig and the dog show trailer. Sat night we stopped at Sam and she bought steak and sushi. Tonya is wonderful cook! the steak was so good. but Aden commented it could have been a little more cooked. ahahah get the "moo out of it!" we put ours in the microwave and cooked it a bit more.

So Tandy two babies are doing fine. they are two wks old and Tim took great care of them while I was gone. Bunny is due early next wk. then several more litters toward end of month. SO going to be crazy busy end of Feb first of March. I have so enjoyed my time off these last two months. As soon as Bunny has her litter I will be posting pix on the web site.

Here is video of the moving of the monster exercise equipment!

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