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Sep 21st 2019

It's Tim's birthday today. :+} Funny being this age (pushing 60) i still feel 22 inside. I look in the mirror and wonder who that is looking back at me. Tim is doing one of his fav things. Watching football. Last SAt night he went fishing with friend and his brother. didn't get in until 4:30 a.m.!! ahahah the moon was almost full and they had so much fun. I love that I have such a hard working man. He rarely takes time for himself. He has his "Pomsky" business now. ahahaha We call them "fluffy butts" they are Adorable!! it's good therapy playing with them. We had company today to play with his puppies. There is new video on his web site.

I was up at 2:30 a.m. taking Holly into vet for C section. she had a litter last Oct. so was really hoping to have some kind of nice litter this year with her. she had 2 puppies. :+{ oh last Sat I took Turbo in and had something cut out of his gut. :+{ got the bill for that today. BUT he's all better. besides Taffy injuring him in the rear hitting him so hard. I've started not allowing anyone out with him not even Mo. the girls are so mean to him. The a few days ago my help lets him out the door where Bunny and Berene` are and when she stepped out they had him down. They were not killing on him but didn't help his injury any. My life sometimes consists of managing these 15-16 dogs of mine! Just letting them all in and out all day long and keeping their water buckets clean! I did manage to take my new puppy "LonelyCreek's Goodie Goodie Gum Drops" for a walk tonight. working on leash training. we did good until we got about quarter mile from home and she wasn't sure about this at all. Then the neighbor's horses scared her. We worked through that, I had small bag of apples to feed my horses and when we got down to that pasture and i whistled for them and they came running that scared her a bit. The neighbors dogs run up but I didn't allow them to get close to her. Never a good idea to allow another dog to insist your puppy submit to THEM. What kind of leader is that? She was worn out when we got back. I didn't get in my 10,000 steps today just 7,709 but i will tomorrow. about did yesterday with 19 floors. ahahah i was climbing hills and Taffy was with me. good for your heart. I love walking with the dogs. I should have done some video.

Maggie went home today. Happy and sad at the same time. She had four litters and that enough. If they are going to get to go have a life and be full time 'hold the couch down" dogs. :+} already heard from them again tonight. things are going well.

I did an outside breeding couple of months ago with a man I have know over 10 years. He does a litter ever few years. He fell in love with Deion. which isn't difficult to do. haahah they company today couldn't get over him how wide he is over his shoulders. He is such a good ambassador for the breed also. Any was sad story my friend struggling with bone cancer and back in Chemo and just couldn't finish raising this lovely litter. So I got them a wk ago today. Their mummy had them all fat and healthy so once they warmed up to being here they act like they own the place. ahahah here is video.

There are lots of video on that You Tube channel and NOW there is link from the very first page of the web site to that You Tube channel. Any way Scott wanted to try some alternative things and needed the money to do so. I think he cried when the puppies left but it was the best thing so he could rest and concentrate on getting well. It's odd having a litter almost ready to go home! Maggie litter just one wk behind them. Giggles not due until end of month. praying to get my taxes all in order and turned in this wk. I know I know i swear i do this EVERY year!!! on that note my word for this year God gave me (really without me asking this year) was: Organize. I think the new year begins evening of next Sat the 28th? 5,780 here we come! What an awesome time to be alive! never to late to get organized. there is a bit of that in me. I just to increase!!

Off to feed puppies or I could type ALL night. ahahahah Be Blessed. remember Love is our greatest weapon and FAith a close second. our FAITH has sure grown and been tired this past year. but God is always good. and his Grace is enough.

Bullmastiff Puppies
CH Deion X AnnaBella puppies almost 7 wks old

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