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Merry Christmas 2019

this was Christmas letter. I wish I could send everyone one!! I love Christmas and the thought of Peace on earth good will toward man!

Christmas time again. What a lovely time to send greetings of Love and Cheer!

In Aug 2018 Tim and I moved from Goshen where we had been for exactly 26 years back to Huntsville (15 miles East). It has been a huge undertaking with 16 bulllmastiffs in tow. We are building a large two story metal “Barndominium”. We call the down stairs “Timmy Town” and the upstairs “Sonyaville”.

So last fall we thought we would be in the house by Thanksgiving, then Feb then summer now here it is December and I (Sonya) am still living in the old milk barn his parents built in the 70’s (a bit renovated) and Tim in the RV below the milk barn. Boy what an adventure we have been on! The dogs are very happy here with lots more room to run and play even if they do have to share the property with the cattle. Our God children live less than half a mile on down the dirt road. Tim’s parents live less than one quarter of a mile away. I told someone if I knew it was going to be this good over here I would have moved years ago! What lovely friends and neighbors we have. I showered at the Williams for months until Tim fixed up an old horse tank in the pit of the milking parlor. We have hot water, washer, drier, a utility sink and a Johnny on the spot outside. What more could one ask for? :+} When I tell people we have not had a flushing toilet in over a year they can’t hardly believe it. Which I find terribly amusing.

Even though we have moved we are still an active part of our well loved church, Christian Life Cathedral in Fayetteville where we have been since 2006. Also in early summer Tim decided to try his hand at breeding Pomskies. This is a Pomeranian over a Huskey. They are fun, furry and high energy very different than the bullmastiff. He really enjoys them! is the web site.

Rachel, our oldest daughter, graduated from the UCA nursing program in May and has taken a position with Mercy west of St Louis in the cardiac unit. She loves her job and knows this is what God has called her to at this time in her life. She is an excellent nurse!! Her and two friends from Conway rented a lovely large house in Eureka a few miles north of 44 for less than each one would have spent on a tiny apartment in the city. We are very happy for them!

Becky, our youngest daughter, is working in St Charles, MO with Grant Hickman Real Estate. Loving her life and enjoying more time with her children.

Lots of folks ask about the house. Tim and I committed to not borrow funds to build the house so we are completing things as we have the funds available. My daddy and brother helped us get the electricity done. We are working on the water now. God is so good and so faithful. We have never been as content or happy in our lives, in our marriage and in our walk with God. Even though things do not often go as ‘planned’ God has a fantastic plan for each one of our lives!

Our prayer for you this year is the blessed gift of submitting to God’s good will for your life and live into that. And remember God gives us GRACE to Embrace each season of our lives! All we need to do is ask.

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