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May 7th, 2019

My daughter graduated this past weekend. SO proud of her. and happy for her. five long years of her working almost full time at the hospital and going to school. once you get into the nursing program you have to keep and complete all the classes for that semester or do that enter year over again. So it was such a celebration ! a week ago Monday i went down and did pix of her and two friends. ahahah i had a great time! the girls were giddy with excitement that all their hard works was soon going to pay off. I had driven down late Sunday night and spent the night. I need to go back down (2.5 hrs to conway) and help her start packing and cleaning up her apartment. guess there was not much time for cleaning the last couple of years. I'm happy to do it. The puppies are getting older. Well i'll be gone this weekend to dog show any ways.

the puppies are about to cut teeth! and climb out of their little crate i have the separated in. the two big ones bunny's two already are. time for bigger tubs! at 3 to 3.5 wks they get out into a play area and start learning to eat kibble and drink water. Bunny and Layla already do not want to go in and nurse them. they just stand at the door and look and me like really do i have too? ahahah yes! you have too. another wk and they will be eating good and only need mummy more for comfort than food.

Sunday while we were gone to church Monet cut herself really bad welll pretty bad. about 4 inch cut into the muscle tissue. she didn't act like it hurt her so i keep it full of salve then took her in yesterday and dr decided to stitch. just leaving the bottom open. doing water therapy on it too. it's so green and SO spring here wild flowers are growing along side the road. i stopped and pick daisies and braided Monet a wreath. Took some pix of her tonight. funny stuff. the wreath made her look a bit small. well she is about 10 lb smaller than she should be at this time. Still i love her! uploaded some video of her running and playing at Granny's house tonight.

Tim's mother Granny Barb rode down to Conway with me but road back with Rachel and Raegan Williams as i had to drive another 100 miles east and meet Clara to pick up my new puppy. PUPPY!!! ahahah it was SO kind of Clara to drive from way on the other side of Memphis. and meet me. i've really grown attached already to this guy. took him to vet with me on Monday. just to get him cked out. He made his first "Tootsie Roll" tonight (poop). ahahah i know never eat that candy again without thinking about a dog turd. when he arrived it was stinky 'puddling' gage a maggot off a gut wagon. it matters what you feed. I took him off all med gave probiotics and changed his kibble and starting some RAW. and he's feeling way better and running and playing learning NOT to jump on me. His name is LonelyCreek's Turbo Charged "Turbo" for short. ahahahah love !! i think he is really going to live up to his name. Clara was so kind as to allow me to use my kennel name. I did produce his mummy. his mummy, Molly, is Stella and Sophia full sister (RamboXCH KIra). so hoping for a good size boy when grown. it's SOOOOOOO difficult to purchase a male. you weigh this and that and something else. reminding yourself there are NO prefect dogs. and still you HOPE for the totally package.

I remember the year i got to go to National and before the top 20 dogs went into the ring for top 20 people's choice i went out back where they were lining up to just get a close up look at them. NONE not ONE was prefect (like the pix seems to show in the Dog Show Magazines. ) just goes to show you we all look better dressed up and ready for a pix then when we first get out of bed in the morning!! my new puppy Turbo his grand sire WON Best of Breed that year! :+}

Off to bed with me. Rachel's graduation last weekend was a huge mile stone in our life as well as hers. not that in ANY way we take any credit for her accomplishments. You cheer your kids on from the side lines realizing you can not do it for them. Rachel turns 33 not 23 this month. she was older then most of her class mates. They all looked up to her and loved her. She had nursing skills coming into the program as she has been a nurse for 8 years now. Still if she would have went into this right out of high school. but it doesn't matter what might have been BUT what is and God is Good and we so grateful Rachel did it!! She has taken a job in St Louis. I clapped for all 67 students at the penning on Friday until my clappers were almost bruised! ahahaha they ALL but three had taken a job. and of these three 2 were holding out to continue school or get into research and one young man wasn't sure he wanted to be a nurse. So there you go!! Still very proud of all these hard working young people. What a joyful day!!

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