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May 23, 2019

Good morning!! i know it's been a while. I really don't like this Wix blog program. trying to get back to the Wordpress format/web site. when wix tried to help me they deleted all my log in and i ended up paying another 240.00 for ONE year on my web site. :+{{{ because they deleted my log in on that account and the Wordpress account too. and the old email address at now longer was active. any way! here i am.

SO news!! don't know if i've blogged since Turbo came. LOVE my new puppy. and all the crazy puppy things that come with having new puppy. he's learning to lead. not very well but some. Monet graduated at the top of her class! and we are started in another obedience class on Sat. we were practicing in the park yesterday in Springdale. :+}

Puppies are doing so good. very pleased. they are split into two litters. so bunny's 2, Porsche and Clint are in with four brindles of Layla then Layla other fawns/red fawns are in another pen.

I was in Denton TX for dog show Mother's Day Weekend and came home to one box of puppies not feeling well at all. (they eat poop and get diarrhea then get dehydrated) now they are doing Great and the brindle box blew into diarrhea. about to get them straighten out and moved to a place where they can go outside via dogie door. which is great because it teaches them to poop and pee OUTSIDE! Bunny is still nursing the brindle box and they are five wks old this SUnday. I'm trying to dry her up. she was SUCH a good mummy. Layla not so much. as Tonya says "she's the kind of mother that says 'pass me a beer and hand me a cigarette and get these kids away from me' " ahahah oh well she muddled thru and got her box raised.

I can't believe they are 5 wks old this weekend! working on pix today. i have them collared thanks to my help Kelsey! will be microchipping them soon. taking them outside today too.

So i took Piper to Dog show with me. she won on Sun. (sat down in ring on Sat well sun too but the judge didn't care, very good judge really knew her dogs) Stephy won on Sat. Finally got Monet AKC paper work so i could register her in my name. I would have taken her to Dallas with me. I had four girls and Tonya had FIVE! We had a house full. Here is video of them out running around playing in the yard and thinking about jumping into the pool. It was very cool and over cast and rained off and on all weekend which was great for us because it was so cool we could keep them on the covered back porch and only have two in the house with us.. it was little less than hr to get to Denton and we spent the $40.00 and used the George Bush (Way less traffic than 630) but having a yard at mom's was so helpful and made the weekend much more enjoyable for the dogs and of course enjoyed our visit with our mother.

Denton kennel club holds their dog show at the fairgrounds. which is great as there is unlimited parking but inside the building the fire department didn't want us to crate ring side (fire hazard i guess ) well with nine dogs there it would take nine people to hold nine dogs and you can't be IN the ring and be ring side holding your dog. SO that was a problem. we usually set crates up right outside the door as it's shady till afternoon but it was pouring rain and they allowed us to set up a few crates inside. there were suppose to be 8 Rottweilers between Bordeaux and bullmastiff but they didn't show up so left us running trying to get 5 Bordeaux put away and four bullmastiff out of van and into the ring! there were a few very wonderful sweet young handlers help us via the lady with the Special (Championed dog) requests. saved our behinds! My thoughts: dog shows: Much to do about nothing. ahahhaah it's just crazy. Oh and Brain showed up with Tank and helped us too. (really helped moving crated back to Tonya's van, man he's strong!) I just wish Tank had been signed up. He's the boy that i posted a pix of on fb. ahahah what a big head just like his sire Rambo!!

Tank this is Rambo X Cheri from her last litter.

LonelyCreek's Cast Your Bread UpOn The Water "Piper"

Tank's pix is funny pix because you can see how large his head is. he's only 18 months old and his head is 28 inches. his sire Rambo head is 29.5 the largest head i've every seen and i've seen a LOT of bullmastiff heads! I cked the other day and i've owned and co owned almost 100 dogs (bullmastiff and Bordeaux). and i carry a sewing measuring tape (I learned to sew as a teenager) in my show bag and in my purse. ahahah so when people start blah blah blah about how big their dog's head is i just pull out the tape. :+} Let the tape speak for itself. no need to exaggerate.

uh so our BIG news. in a small packages. Tim went to Springfield a little over a month ago and saw a "Pomsky" yes it's a small long haired dog. Created by breeding a Pomeranian to a Husky. they are adorable!! he now has 4 huskies and "Joey" a lovely Pomeranian. ahaha i love Joey!! he pees on everything so we have to rush him outside or he pees in the house (now kennel for the time being as it's still bare 2X4 not even finished with the plumbing or drywall yet).

yet a new adventure. so after raising bullmastiff for 15 years Tim wanted something cute and fun and couldn't eat your face off kind of dogs. totally different personality. totally! the web site is I've had a few haters. funny it's been bullmastiff people. ahahah Very Rich since the bullmastiff breed was created over a 100 years ago by breeding an English Mastiff to a Bulldog. they were not recognized by the AKC until 1933 almost 10 years after the England Kennel club recognized them as a 'pure breed" So haters going to hate and that's okay. I live my life to please Father God not to be conformed to this world or other's expectation. I read this from Joyce Myer this morning and it ministered to me "There is an anointing for everything we need to do. It's not just for ministers or for spiritual areas of life." I know Father God has already has a book written about each of us in heaven and good works already prepared for us to do. Now it's up to us to get out there and do them!! where that is picking up a piece of trash in a parking lot or being real and giving value to the person that checks you out at the grocery store or being brave and following thru with boundaries for your children any age. Good works folks! Soon enough all this will pass away and we will stand before Father God. oh that my life would bring Him Glory!

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