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Home From Houston

Jan 14 2020

Went to Tx last Wed morning. just got home today. Had a lovely wonderful time! spent the night with my mother in Garland Wed night and headed to church meeting in Tomball TX down by Houston on Thursday. Met up with Miss Michelle Rice and look out! ahahah what fun we girls have together. She had been up here from Houston just a couple of wks before that. Visiting her mother about 2.5 hrs to the East of where I live. always great to see my friend! she had stopped to pick up a dog for Tonya and we all went out so she just spent the night. We were in meetings from 10:00 a.m to past 10:00 p.m. Friday and Sat at Joan Hunters Conference Center in Tomball TX. it was just wonderful to be with like minded believers pressing in to worship JESUS!! then Sunday we went to church with Pastor Sally at Xceleration Church just past the air port in Humble. again it was amazing and wonderful. ahahaha talk about hearing the WORD of GOD! when i got the hand i out i thought there is NO way we are going to cover all these scripture on a Sunday morning. oh yes we did! ahahah what a lovely lady on FIRE for Jesus. Went back to Michelle's house and watched the KC Chiefs win (well i fell asleep toward the end) and had a nice restful day. Monday did a project with Ms Michelle and took off from her horse rescue right outside of Tomball back to Garland to spend the night with my mother. breaking up the trip helps! here are pix of the entry to Michelle housing addition . It warmed my soul to be in a place where flowers were blooming. :+} It was sunny and warm today when i got home. I sat in the sun and read a while after feeding the horses (and petting all the dogs. ahaha you would think some of them had thought i came back from the dead they were happy to see me). felt so good to soak and read.. I brought home lots of reading material! Julie Myers was our worship leader. so amazing and encouraging and prophetic! I picked up her new book Dreams and Supernatural Encounters and i have not been disappointed.

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