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End of August!!

Where has this summer gone?!!! I know I know i've been worse then terrible about posting news! Since i've written last my beloved Natalie pasted from surgery to fix a restriction in her gut. that was about 3-4 wks ago. She only had had one litter and she was 3 last March. I didn't love her more because she was CH and OFA Good on everything. I just loved her.

Taffy had me a lovely amazing litter of 13 lost one before born and one at one day old tiny brindle girl think something wasn't connected right on her insides.. this litter was out of Rambo and I kept back a large fawn female that so reminds me of Natalie. Rambo was her sire also. Going to name her LonelyCreek's Goodie Goodie Gum Drops. ahahah and call her Goodie

Rambo 7 this year. man how time flies!!! I bred Giggles to him will do ultra sound on Friday. Got Holly Berry bred to Mr. Brick hopefully have some nice puppies ready to go home right before Christmas.

the house. yes often get asked about the house and how is it coming. well it's coming. I have not had a flushing toilet in a year this month. kind of crazy but we are making it fine. I do have hot running water we attach a water hose and take a bath in a black horse watering tank in the pit of the milk barn. that's also now housing "Bolt" my grand bunny. As Rachel graduated college and hasn't been able to find a 2 bed room apartment close enough to her work as that hospital in a really nice part of town. She is staying with friend at this time. but she is getting to she her sister and the kids weekly. yeah! so back to the house. we do have a mini split in the kennel/office and Raegan helped me and we acid stained the floors. got it all sheet rocked and painted windows trimmed.. now i need to do some tile work. the water situation out there is a water hose at the front of the house and a hose at the back of the house. It's ok to laugh. God is good. We are not borrowing any funds to build so we build as we can pay for it. the min split is keeping it COLD in there! So the next step for the house is getting the plumbing in and that is going to be around 3,000.00 I think without the price of the 80 gallon hot water heater.. I did find a lovely but small cast iron old tub in excellent shape on market place fb for $200.00 it was made in 1938 and man is it heavy! Tim had to use the front end loader of the big tractor to get it upstairs. ahahah he's such a man. I can even set it in without water and it's relaxing!

Tim's finally has his fb page up for the PomskyRUS and his web site also. his puppies are SOOOO cute. i mean cute cute cute. I don't go out there every day sometime not every other day. I'm so busy here. Maggie has litter of 5. she had 6 in there and i didn't take her in Sunday night and by Monday morning one had turned loose. crazy thing is there was none in the birth cannel and she wasn't really in labor. They are 2 wks old now and finally last night i got almost full night sleep (6 hrs straight) amazing!!

This summer has been the wettest summer I ever remember in Arkansas. Ever! it rained 4 inches less than 2 wks ago. it has been raining weekly! it has been hot a few days but nothing like some summers i remember. I still have not gotten to go to the lake and swim. I did run down to Dallas about 3 wk end ago and take a load of puppies down. spend the night with Granny Norma (my mother) and swam in the pool. FUN!! Kelsey went with me and we both swam several times that Friday night and again the next day after working in the yard before we drove home. I took Turbo with us and was going to teach him to swim. he wanted NO part of it!! headed to church tonight. got to run!

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