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Apirl 23rd 2019

SO i'm trying out this blog on Wix com who is host to my web site. as i've been locked out of the Wordpress blog for several wks now. the entire moving from has really cost me. At least i felt like God stood up for me when i finally after months of fighting with them got my phone number back. 479-582-5606 after everyone i spoke with assured me it has never happened and couldn't happen. BUT GOD!~!!

Did Piper ultra sound today NOTHING. scream cry and cry some more! after spending over 1,000.00 to do that breeding. how can this be!! Bunny had 2 babies and Layla had 9 on Sunday.

the other day Wix had taken my site down. it's a long story. hated on them and then finally just paid ANOTHER 240.00 to put it back up. how hateful was that of them? oh my life. does anyone have an easy life?????? inquiring minds want to know!!! off to get back in puppy box with the puppies. lots and lOts and LOTS of news!!

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