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LonelyCreek's Mr. Bossanova
OFA: Good

DOB: 11-3-2017

SIRE: LonelyCreek's Sir Winsalot "Nolan"
DAM:   Lawson's Sandra Dee At Daystar

Bullmastiff Puppy for Sell
This boy is as dark red as a bullmastiff can be.  Funny I called him Mr. Mr. as a puppy.  He had the prettiest head in the entire litter.  I know they are all special and this boy was no different. He really stuck out with that dark red head which goes back to CH Poacher his grand sire another lovely red boy on mummy's side and a big Brindle Rambo his Sire's Sire.  
Red bullmasitff puppy
Red bullmastiff puppy for sell
This is Scott, Boss's human.  ahahah they get on very well.  Boss adores him.  
Video of them together. 
Boss and his cohart "Charlie"   Charlie is pretty high energy and keeps Boss exercised! Endless hours of chase and tag.  They sleep good at night.  :+}  And Scott's grand daughter comes often to visit and enjoy Mr. Boss.  
Red Bullmastiff
Yes he really is this red.  :+}
Red Bullmastiff puppy for sell
What a nice big dog with a lovely head. 
Red bullmastiff Puppy for sell
Red Bullmastiff puppy for sell
Bullmastiff puppy
Red Bullmastiff
Red Bullmastiff

Boss at Dr Ron's getting his hip Xrays.  Jessica is Dr Ron's  trusted assistant always helping out.  :+}  Boss  kind of sleepy! 

Red Bullmastiff
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